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Business Litigation

Buus Law Group has substantial experience litigating complex business matters. We understand the importance of prompt and favorable resolutions to business disputes. We take great pride in not only understanding how our clients' businesses work, but in employing our clients' business philosophy towards the handling of their litigation matters. The following is a brief overview of recent litigation successes:

Judgment of Dismissal of an action alleging breach of a litigation settlement agreement, after the judge granted an Anti-SLAPP motion.

Dismissal of a retaliatory action filed by a corporation against a client who was a corporate board member and who fought against corporate waste and mismanagement.

A voluntary dismissal of a multi-million lawsuit filed against an inventor for allegedly breaching patent licensing agreements, after years of contentious litigation and weeks before the scheduled trial date.

A FINRA award in favor of a securities broker claiming a share of commissions paid to another securities broker.

A judgment after trial in favor of a client accused by a former corporate shareholder of misappropriating various corporate assets.

A jury verdict finding infringement of a client's valid and protectable trademark.

A $500,000 jury verdict in a products liability case in which his client, a pool plaster supplier, accused a manufacturer of furnishing defective pool plaster product.

A $200,000 jury verdict in a breach of contract case in which his client, a bus transportation company, accused a ticket salesperson of failing to remit proceeds from ticket sales.

A finding of no damages following a jury trial in a copyright infringement case in which his client, a large real estate developer, was accused of violating copyrights in certain sculptures by displaying sculptures on commercial and residential developments.

A favorable judicial decree under California Corporations Code section 2000, establishing the value of a hostile shareholder's shares of corporate stock to be bought by his client.

A dismissal and an award of attorney's fees after the court granted an anti-SLAPP motion, striking a complaint alleging that a prominent attorney and prominent business person were involved in submitting a report to a child services department that was later determined to be "unfounded" or "false."

A $750,000 jury verdict in a breach of contract case in which his client, a large real estate lender, alleged that a large internet business breached a settlement agreement relating to use of a trademarked name.

A $2.8 million judgment after a jury trial entered in an employment case in which his client, a physician, sued her former employer, a medical clinic, for violating of the False Claims Act by committing Medicare fraud and for retaliatory termination of employment.

A defense jury verdict in a breach of contract case in which his client, a renowned local baker, was accused by a restaurant/bakery of violating a covenant not to compete.

A defense judgment entered after a jury trial in a fraud case in which his client, an entrepreneur, was accused of making false statements to a large Vietnamese telecommunications company in connection with an international telecommunications deal.

A defense jury verdict in a breach of contract case in which his client, a large automobile wheel distributor, was accused of failing to pay for wheels manufactured, but untimely delivered, by a Taiwanese company.

A $2.9 million judgment entered after a jury trial in a trademark/breach of contract case in which his client, a large after-market automobile parts distributor, sued a Taiwanese company for copying its unique tachometer.

A defense jury verdict in a conversion case in which his clients, landlords of commercial property, were accused of destroying valuable machinery owned by the tenant.

A $300,000 claimant award for a client in a securities arbitration before the NASD, now known as FINRA.

Multi-million dollar judgments for investors in three separate cases involving securities fraud.