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Contracts and Contract Disputes

Contracts are an important part of operating a business and having an experenced contract lawyer to help you properly communicate the right contract is essential. The attorneys at Buus Law Group have decades of experience drafting all types of legal contracts – negotiating, drafting and enforcing contractual agreements for all types of clients and industries.

Buus Law Group's team of experienced contract attorneys will ensure you are provided with the information you need when considering a contract, informing clients of their rights and obligations, upside and downside risks, and clearly communicate the details of the contracts we draft. We are experienced in handling virtually all types of business transactions and contracts.

The Buus Law Group also has decades of experience in handling contract disputes involving commercial business agreeements, intellectual property license agreements, real estate purchase and lease agreements, business acquisition agreements, employment agreements, nondisclosure agreements, professional service contracts, construction and development contracts, insurance policies, and many other types of contracts.

Because of our experience in drafting agreements, we also understand how to identify and litigate poorly drafted or ambiguous contracts.  In those cases, we have litigated issues involving interpretation, claims of breach, adequate or lack of performance, and damages. 

The attorneys at Buus Law Group are available to assist you in protecting your interests. Contract a representative today.