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Corporate Shareholder and Securities Litigation

The attorneys at Buus Law Group have extensive experience in handling lawsuits involving corporations and shareholders. They have defended corporations and shareholders in suits brought by other shareholders, and have prosecuted suits on behalf of shareholders to ensure they and/or the corporation are treated fairly.  Such suits typically involve claims that the individuals controlling the corporation are using it for their own benefit at the expense of its minority shareholders.  Buus Law Group attorneys have also prosecuted and defended shareholder derivative suits that are brought by a shareholder in the name of the corporation to vindicate the corporation's rights.  Such suits typically involve claims that a corporation's management has refused to pursue a legally-warranted lawsuit against a third party due to managerial conflicts of interests.  They have also filed and defended against various petitions under the California Corporations Code, including petitions for involuntary corporate dissolution, for the valuation of one shareholder's corporate shares to be purchased by the corporation or by another shareholder, and for production of corporate records to shareholders.

The attorneys at Buus Law Group have also successfully arbitrated negligence and breach of fiduciary duty claims on behalf of investors against broker-dealers before FINRA.  In those cases, investors usually claim that their broker-dealers advised them to buy risky securities that were not suitable for them or to buy securities without performing adequate research into them and without providing to the investor a full disclosure or description of the investment or risks involved.  In extreme cases, Mr. Buus has successfully sued individuals for fraud in corporate securities transactions, or for offering corporate securities for sale unlawfully.  in fact, Mr. Buus's suits for fraud have been the subject of media attention and have resulted in multi-million dollar judgments against wrongdoers.

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