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Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition Litigation

At Buus Law Group, we know the importance of protecting, developing, and maximizing our clients' most important assets: their ideas. Our clients choose us to represent them in their high stakes intellectual property litigation matters because of our effective, efficient approach to defending their rights. Buus Law Group handles complex litigation involving patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets, and unfair competition. Buus Law Group is always mindful of litigation costs, such that our attorneys make every effort to continually balance our clients' potential exposure or recovery against the costs of defense or prosecution in any given case. Our goal is to always make decisions that are in the best economic interests of our clients. Our extensive experience in handling intellectual property matters includes the following, among others:

A voluntary dismissal of a multi-million lawsuit filed against an inventor for allegedly breaching patent licensing agreements, after years of contentious litigation and weeks before the scheduled trial date.

A jury verdict finding infringement of a client's valid and protectable trademark.

A finding of no damages following a jury trial in a copyright infringement case in which his client, a large real estate developer, was accused of violating copyrights in certain sculptures by displaying sculptures on commercial and residential developments.

A $750,000 jury verdict in a breach of contract case in which his client, a large real estate lender, alleged that a large internet business breached a settlement agreement relating to use of a trademarked name.

A defense jury verdict in a breach of contract case in which his client, a renowned local baker, was accused by a restaurant/bakery of using a trademarked name.

A $2.9 million judgment entered after a jury trial in a trademark/breach of contract case in which his client, a large after-market automobile parts distributor, sued a Taiwanese company for copying its unique tachometer.