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A Jury Awards $500,000 to Client

A Jury Awards $500,000 to Client Thumb

A jury recently sided with Mr. Buus's client that sold defective pool plastering products blended by another company.  The client formulated a unique pool plastering product and hired the defendant company to blend and perform certain quality control tests on those products before shipping them to the client's customers.  Unfortunately, the defendant company blended product that was defective and failed to perform adequate quality control tests on that product.  After that product was shipped to the client's customers and failed to properly adhere to pool surfaces, the client lost a significant amount of business.  The defendant company claimed that it did not agree to perform the type of quality control test that would have detected the defects experienced by the client's customers, but the jury disagreed.  It found that the defendant company agreed to perform that type of test but failed to do so, and it awarded the client $500,000.

September 2015 / San Bernardino