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Another Jury Trial Win for Mr. Buus

Another Jury Trial Win for Mr. Buus Thumb

The jury verdict is in: another trial won for our client. The client, who sold a restaurant/bakery to plaintiffs, was sued for allegedly breaching non-compete clauses and allegedly inducing others to breach their contract with plaintiffs. The lawsuit was filed over two years ago, during which plaintiffs unsuccessfully attempted several times to prevent Mr. Buus's client from operating his current bakery business. After a six-day trial, the Jury deliberated for just 55 minutes before reaching a verdict in which the client was exonerated. The Jury specifically found, among other things, that there was no breach of the non-compete clauses and that there was no intent to induce others to breach their contract with plaintiffs. The jury also found that plaintiffs owed $40,500 under a promissory note, and required plaintiffs to pay that amount. It is anticipated that plaintiffs will also be required to pay the court costs and attorney's fees incurred in defending the action. "This trial was hard-fought at every stage, and was no cake walk," Mr. Buus said. "The opposing attorney is highly skilled and regarded by many as one of Orange County's top attorneys. I'm elated for the clients, who get to continue operating their business as usual." This is one of many impressive trial wins for Mr. Buus.

July 27, 2010 | Santa Ana, California