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Another Trial Win for William Buus

Another Trial Win for William Buus Thumb

After a one-and-one-half month long jury trial, a judgment has been entered in favor of one of Mr. Buus's clients. The client was sued in Los Angeles Superior Court by a Vietnamese telecommunications company owned and operated by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The plaintiff claimed it was defrauded in a telecom deal, causing it to lose over $55 Million in monetary damages. "The trial was a real marathon and was well fought. Plaintiff was represented by skilled trial lawyers at a very large, international firm. In the long run, though, plaintiff overestimated its ability to obtain a recovery against the client, and judgment was entered in his favor." Mr. Buus commented. "Trial is more like a boxing match than a beauty contest. Everyone gets bruised and even bloodied. But, It's all about who is left standing at the end." This is yet another trial win for Mr. Buus.

August 1, 2011 | Los Angeles, California