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Client Obtains Summary Judgment

Client Obtains Summary Judgment Thumb

Mr. Buus obtained summary judgment for four individuals sued for breach of contract and fraud.  This means the individuals won the lawsuit without a trial because the plaintiff, a large stucco manufacturer, was unable to show it had a valid lawsuit against them.  In the suit, the company claimed that the four individuals promised to defend and indemnify the corporation in the event the corporation was sued in connection with its supply of plaster product, that those individuals failed to defend and indemnify the corporation when such a suit was filed, and that the individuals never intended to abide by those promises.  In their motion for summary judgment, the individuals claimed they never made any promise to defend and indemnify the corporation.  Because the company was unable to show that they made any such promise, the Court entered judgment in their favor and against the company.

October 2017 / Santa Ana