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Jury Verdict Entered for Clients

Jury Verdict Entered for Clients Thumb

A federal court jury found in favor of Mr. Buus's clients who were sued by a Taiwanese company for allegedly breaching a contract to purchase specially-manufactured after-market automobile parts. The jury trial, which took three days, took place at the Roybal Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles, and jury deliberations took only about an hour. The jury found that Mr. Buus's clients did not breach the contract, and specifically that the clients were not required to pay for goods they received due to lengthy manufacturing and delivery delays, rendering the goods unsalable and virtually valueless. "Many disputes like this are really a clash of cultures," Mr. Buus noted. "Nearly all of them can be resolved, but the people involved have a difficult time understanding one another and, unfortunately, that causes a rise in frustrations and tempers. This case really should have been resolved long ago, but sometimes trials are required to bring these disputes to an end, once and for all."

September 1, 2011 | Los Angeles, California