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Nevada Jury Agrees with William Buus

Nevada Jury Agrees with William Buus Thumb

In a patent infringement case filed in federal court in Las Vegas, Nevada,  William Buus, lead trial attorney in the case, argued that plaintiff's claimed royalty rate was grossly excessive. The royalty rate was a focal point of the week-long jury trial, and was hotly debated. The jury, though, agreed with William Buus, finding plaintiff's claimed royalty rate excessive and fixing a much lower royalty rate. "At trial, we zeroed in on plaintiff's claim for damages and, specifically, his claimed royalty rate, which we believed was way too high," William said. "Ultimately, the jury saw what we saw, and decided that the reasonable royalty rate should be a mere fraction of what plaintiff had claimed." An experienced litigator and trial lawyer, William, has successfully tried cases in both state and federal courts.

March 25, 2010 | Las Vegas, Nevada